Bladder health diagnostics are entering an advanced era with the UroCuff Bladder Health Assessment. The innovative approach offers a non-invasive, comfortable, and accurate method for evaluating bladder health. Guided by the expertise of Dr. Austen Slade, our clinic is dedicated to providing a seamless and informative experience, ensuring that every patient receives the best possible understanding of their bladder function without the discomfort of catheterization.

What is the UroCuff Bladder Health Assessment?

UroCuff is a groundbreaking, non-invasive diagnostic tool tailored to evaluate men's bladder health. Unlike traditional tests, which can often be uncomfortable, UroCuff provides a detailed understanding of bladder function without the need for catheterization.

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How Does the UroCuff Work?

The assessment is simple, with a cap placed over the end of the penis to measure urine flow and bladder pressure. During the test, a patient will urinate normally, allowing the UroCuff to collect critical data about bladder pressure, flow rate, and muscle functionality. This method perfectly blends advanced technological insights with the natural process of urination, offering patients the dual benefits of convenience and precision.

What Conditions Can the UroCuff Bladder Health Assessment Diagnose?

The UroCuff is primarily utilized for diagnosing Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS), a range of conditions commonly affecting men over 40. It's particularly accurate at identifying issues like:

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The precise diagnostic capabilities of UroCuff are helpful in developing tailored treatment plans, ensuring that each patient receives care that is specifically suited to their condition. This accuracy is vital for effectively treating and managing various bladder-related health issues.

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Are you experiencing urinary issues or seeking a comprehensive bladder health assessment? Trained under experts James Lingeman, Marcelino Rivera, and Tim Large, Dr. Slade brings unparalleled expertise to bladder health diagnostics.

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