Dr. Slade, a Boise urologist, specializes in the HoLEP (Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate) procedure with the addition of advanced Moses Laser technology, a groundbreaking approach to treating prostate issues. This method, known for its precision, efficacy, and minimal invasiveness, is a leading solution in urological care. Moses Laser benefits put this surgery in a class of its own, sometimes referred to as MoLEP for Moses Laser Enucleation of the Prostate, to distinguish the exclusive benefits it offers.

What is the HoLEP Procedure with Moses Laser?

HoLEP is enhanced by the Moses Laser technology. This advanced technique uses laser energy for minimally invasive removal of enlarged prostate tissue, ensuring a quicker recovery than traditional surgery.

The Moses Laser technology brings improved precision and efficacy, reducing operating times and enhancing tissue removal. It better allows the body to reduce bleeding at the site of an injury, further setting MoLEP (Moses Laser Enucleation of the Prostate) apart in prostate surgery. MoLEP represents a significant advancement in treating issues such as an enlarged prostate, offering patients a unique combination of efficiency and safety.

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What Conditions Can Be Fixed by HoLEP with Moses Laser?

The HoLEP with Moses Laser procedure is primarily used to treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), a condition that causes an enlarged prostate and leads to various urinary symptoms.

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Patients commonly seek HoLEP for issues like:

It offers an effective solution for men looking to manage BPH without the long-term use of medications, and it helps in preventing medication-related sexual function issues. The precision of the Moses Laser extends its utility to treating other conditions like prostate bleeding and recurrent urinary tract infections in men.

What Are the Benefits of HoLEP Procedure with Moses Laser?

The procedure offers many benefits, making it a superior choice for treating prostate enlargement. Its effectiveness in removing unwanted prostate tissue means that for 98% of men. It eliminates the need for further surgeries for at least 20 years if not a lifetime. The procedure also boasts a significant improvement over other procedures like UroLift or TURP, which often are linked to increased blood loss, hospital stays, and longer recovery periods.

Most patients can have the Foley catheter removed on the same day, minimizing discomfort. Additionally, it has little to no impact on erectile function, allowing men to maintain sexual function post-procedure.

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From Dr. Slade

“The prostate, in many ways, is like an orange. The pulp is the part of the prostate that contributes to urinary problems. TURP and other surgeries leave much of the pulp behind, which leads to problems down the road. HoLEP uses a laser to unpeel the prostate, resulting in maximum symptom relief and durability.”

What Makes HoLEP with Dr. Austen Slade different?

Dr. Austen Slade brings a unique expertise to the HoLEP with Moses Laser procedure. His approach is patient-centered, ensuring personalized care from diagnosis through post-procedure follow-up. He is pioneering the use of smaller tools and minimally invasive techniques in Idaho. He is the first and only urologist in the United States to offer HoLEP using a 21 French instrument, 25% smaller than standard tools.

This innovation (sometimes referred to as MiLEP) significantly reduces trauma to the urethra and sphincter, helping to prevent complications like urinary incontinence. Dr. Slade's commitment to patient well-being sets his practice apart in urological care.

Two scopes, one 24 and one mini at 21

Contact Boise Urologist Dr. Slade for HoLEP with Moses Laser

If you're living with the effects of an enlarged prostate and want to stop medications now, consider the HoLEP with Moses Laser procedure. As the only endourologist in Idaho with fellowship training under the esteemed James Lingeman, Marcelino Rivera, and Tim Large, Dr. Slade brings unparalleled expertise and patient care. Contact Dr. Slade today to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards improved urological health.

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