For men experiencing the intrusive and inconvenient symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), innovative treatments are emerging as optimal solutions, offering minimal invasion and outstanding efficacy. ReZūm Water Vapor Therapy exemplifies one such advancement, demonstrating an adept capability to alleviate BPH symptoms while preserving sexual and urinary function. Boise urologist, Dr. Austen Slade is thrilled to offer ReZūm Water Vapor Therapy for BPH patients.

Do You Have BPH Symptoms?

The tale-tell signs of BPH aren't merely inconvenient; they're disruptive, impacting everything from sleep quality to confidence. With increasing urgency and frequency in urination, men find their lives and schedules constantly interrupted. Initiating urination becomes an ordeal, encountering trouble starting, a weak stream, or intermittent stops mid-flow.

Nocturia also becomes a weary companion, necessitating more-than-normal nightly visits to the bathroom (nocturia is characterized by 2+ trips to the bathroom during sleeping hours), subsequently impairing sleep quality and overall wellness. Familiarize yourself with broader aspects and further symptomatology of BPH by exploring our comprehensive BPH guide.

How Does ReZūm Water Vapor Therapy Work?

The ReZūm Water Vapor Therapy is an outpatient procedure, completed within a single 30-minute appointment. The methodology involves the controlled release of sterile water vapor over a brief, 9-second treatment session. Upon contact, the steam relaxes and encourages the targeted prostate tissue to shrink. The individualized treatment frequency, as determined by a professional, is intricately tailored based on the size and condition of the prostate.

As the body starts its natural healing response, the treated tissue is absorbed gradually. This process correlates with a reduction in prostate size and, subsequently, a marked improvement in urethral urinary function. Patient response to treatment varies, dependent significantly on the extent of underlying issues.

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What Are The Benefits of ReZūm Water Vapor Therapy?

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The litany of benefits deriving from ReZūm Water Vapor Therapy is transformative for BPH sufferers. As a minimally invasive treatment, it averts the need for surgical incisions, thereby reducing the associated risks and recovery times.

It notably preserves ejaculatory function in most men, safeguarding against the potential impediments presented by alternative treatments, such as medications. Dr. Slade tailors the treatment based on individual prostate size to assure a personalized approach to care.

On top of a noticeable reduction in BPH symptoms, individuals can also anticipate a swifter recovery time. Symptom relief, in some instances, can manifest within as little as two weeks, with the potential maximum benefit realized within approximately three-months. Thus, ReZūm therapy emerges not just as a treatment but as a protector of quality of life and intimate health.

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